Standing x-rays of the spine can be very useful in determining the CAUSE (not just the symptom) of a back or neck problem. We were the very first chiropractic clinic in the country to hold an x ray licence. We've recently just introduced the most modern digital x-ray processing system available.

Relatively small differences in physical leg length (one leg just a few mm longer than the other), minor compression fractures of spinal vertebrae from an old bump, fall or sporting accident, compensatory spinal curvature from long term sacrum or pelvic misalignment are just some of the factors that can lead to the build-up of a chronic (long term) condition which eventually takes its toll in a damaged disc or a series of pulled muscles.

Treating the damaged area is all well and good but the right way is to address the fundamental cause. Our x-ray system is modern and efficient and most importantly its right here on the premises.

There’s no going away to book elsewhere and await reports and results. We have contract radiologists and radiographers and the x ray suite is on our premises so spinal x rays can be arranged for you in line with all regulatory standards (provided, of course, x-rays in your particular case are justified and not contraindicated)