Clontarf Chiropractic has 35 years experience and more than 30,000 happy clients. See below some of the life changing results our patients have had.

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Ian Conroy, World Masters Mountain Running double gold medallist - how Clontarf Chiropractic helped him. I am continuing to see improvements in my back and overall health

I am continuing to see improvements in my back and overall health

Having suffered with back pain over the last number of years that has increasing impacted my day to day living I have seen significant improvement since attending Garrett in Clontarf Chiropractic Clinic. I took his advice on board and replaced my metal filings with Dr John Murphy in Vevay Holistic Dentistry and I have seen and I am continuing to see improvements in my back and overall health.

- Fiona Coyle

I simply cannot thank you enough

 I went to see Owen less than a week away from running my first Marathon. I was in a lot of pain, unable to continue training and my back felt as though it had been locked in a sideways position. I went in and immediately Owen could see what the problem was, after two x rays it was noted my left hip was 9mm shorter than my right. I was then fitted with a small instep for my left shoe. I went on to run the Marathon finishing in 3.38 minutes which I am over the moon about. I cannot recommend this chiropractor highly enough. With the marathon over I still, feel no back pain what so ever. Thank you again, Owen, you are fantastic!

- Sinead Loftus

The amount of people who come to me (Sean Boylan, Herbalist) with a structural problem manifesting as an illness

"I am so happy to have discovered 126 Clontarf Road, all those years ago. I send many of my patients there very confident in the care they will receive."

 - Sean Boylan

I have experienced a total relief from pain

 “I first sought chiropractic care on the advice of two work colleagues who were delighted with the treatment they had received at Clontarf. I was concerned that I would be pulled and twisted too much but that wasn’t the case. I have experienced a total relief from pain together with an increase in energy and much greater flexibility. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Clontarf Chiropractic.”

- R.L, Dublin

Back running again!

About six months ago I couldn’t even run three miles without my back hurting so much. I love running but any enjoyment I got out of it was gone. I was trying everything but nothing was helping. I was so frustrated! Then I came to see Garrett. After a handful of appointments things started to get much better. I was running pain free! I was enjoying it again! Two days ago I ran my first marathon sub 4 hours!!! I am beyond delighted!!! I can’t stop smiling! So I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Garrett!! Six months ago I couldn’t even have imagined getting past the first three miles.


I am like a new woman

"Just to let you know I am like a new woman today! Thank you so much for the good treatment over the past two days. I traveled to Belfast and back by car with no ill effects having been barely able to move two days ago."


An hour later I knew things would be OK

Good morning from the sunny Algarve.

I get motivational messages from Justin & this note is to thank the team at Clontarf Chiropractic and to share with you where I ended up. (That's if anyone remembers me!)

The lion's share of the thanks go to Peta & Denise. It was Peta who met me in reception one morning, recognised a complete wreck, and there and then brought me into Denise, who, instead of taking a break for lunch, began to repair me! An hour later I knew things would be OK.

The 2 big men, Dr Owen and Dr Garrett, sorted out various bones that had come 'unstuck' due to my looking after my husband for a couple of years during his hideous, painful demise.

I'd never have survived that time without the help of the team at Clontarf. I often wanted to write & thank you, and now, sitting in the sun, here it is. I had lived in France for years and after the death of my husband, I sold the place in the foothills of the Pyrenees and found this little Algarve town no one had ever heard of. My flat is tiny, I can hear the Atlantic waves from my bedroom, the sun shines a lot, it makes a perfect base for my travels and I love it...

So, thanks again Clontarf Chiropractors. You helped me back on the road to more adventures.


- Jane Shortall

I was in so much pain

Attended Garrett for treatment with my back, hip, and neck pain for two sessions. I was in so much pain it took me an hour to get out of bed in the morning. After the first visit that lasted 30mins, I got up from chair like I had a new body