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What is chiropractic?

What is chiropractic?
‘What do chiropractors do or what is chiropractic exactly?’

We get asked that question a lot and I can guarantee you that if you ask either question of a bunch of chiropractors you will get a variety of different answers.

We like to think of what we do as restoring your physiology to normal or towards normal (and that means your entire physiology – neurology, chemistry, structure etc.)

Your physiology can be insulted or impaired by many things – deficiencies, toxicities – both internal and external.

Deficiencies and toxicities may not be chemical. For example, one could suffer a deficiency of movement or exercise leading to stiffness and soreness. A toxicity could be a trauma or for example an emotional abuse – this will likely lead to an affect on your physiology.

Sure - we most commonly see impaired physiology as a result of a physical trauma – overdoing the gardening, bending awkwardly, slipping or falling but don’t discount the impaired physiology that arises from just joint stiffness.

Joint stiffness, especially of the spine, happens with age but it can also happen from the deficiencies or toxicities mentioned above. So sometimes its worth just having your spine checked. We can identify areas that are stiff or less mobile and by manipulating those specific joints (adding movement) we return your physiology to a more normal state – you feel looser, stronger and your whole body works better.