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Body Piercings may Cause Back Pain?!

Body Piercings may Cause Back Pain?!

The causes of back/neck/spine discomfort or pain are many. Trauma (particularly old injuries never fully rehabilitated), unequal leg lengths, deformities (sometimes quite minor) of the sacrum - which is the base of the spine - and incorrect postural habits are just a few of the causes we see.

However, another more obscure and rarely identified cause can be a sensitivity to body piercings!

It sounds strange, it's poorly understood but we do see it.

Typically it's a negative reaction of the body to a piercing, usually of the tongue, lips or belly button. Strangely, we don't see it from piercings of the ear lobe itself. The reaction manifests as a general weakness of the muscular system. The result is the muscles cannot support the body adequately and this leads to widespread musculoskeletal pain together with a lack of energy. These people have often been told they have Fibromyalgia (which is widespread musculoskeletal pain of unknown origin).

And, there are other 'foreign bodies' which can cause similar symptoms, although these cases are even rarer - old amalgam based dental fillings, and even large pieces of steel jewellery can have similar effects.

Simon King is a chiropractor who's written about these effects. You can find out more at

Could this be your problem, or that of someone you know?

There are a few simple, non invasive tests we can do here to check.